Senior Athlete Program

About our Senior Athlete Program

Cooma Athletics Club are lucky enough to offer 2 programs for athletes depending on their ages.

Firstly, we offer an ACT Little Athletics program for ages U6 to U17 (Cooma Little Athletics). Secondly, we also offer a program for U13 up to opens to compete in ACT Athletics and Cooma Athletics (“Senior athletics”). 

ACT Athletics runs a Summer Series competition season on most Saturday afternoons throughout Summer, from October through to the end of March. The competitions are held in Canberra at either Woden Athletic track or the AIS. These competitions are open to both dual registered athletes & athletes registered with ACT Athletics, who can compete against other athletes from other ACT registered clubs at the competitions. 

How to Register

Athletes who are in the U13 to U17 age bracket (born in 2006 to 2011) have three registration options when joining Athletics in the ACT:

1.  Register as a “Dual Athlete” (i.e. both Little Athletics program & also the Athletics ACT program);

2.  Register as a Little Athletics athlete only. 

3.  Register as an Athletics ACT athlete only (no Little Athletics registration). The Age Groups available for this option are – Students U14 to U18, U20 and Open.

If registering as either a Dual Athlete (with a little athletics registration too) or Athletics ACT athlete (without a Little Athletics registration), athletes will be able to participate in these additional competitions in Canberra and will also have a chance of selection into the ACT team for the Australian Track & Field Championships which are held at the end of the Summer competition season. There are also a number of additional competitions run by ACT Athletics which these athletes would be eligible to compete at too. 

All athletes aged U18 and over are not eligible to register for the Little Athletics program and so would register solely as an ACT Athletics athlete under the Cooma Athletics Club. 

ACT Athletics also runs a Winter Series competition season over a number of Sunday afternoons throughout winter, providing the opportunity for dual registered & ACT Athletics registered athletes year-round competition. 

More information can be found on the Athletics in the ACT website

If you have any further questions or need any additional information please get in touch below or email us at

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