Season 2019/20

The little athletics season runs essentially from after the school holidays in October 2019, all the way through to March 2020, culminating in the ACT Championships.  Every effort is made to ensure events run as planned, however the program for each Saturday is subject to change based on daily circumstances as they arise (primarily weather).

Competition Days

Cooma Athletics Club runs a full little athletics program with different events to cater for running, walking jumping and throwing events.  Competition is held at Snowy Oval, Cooma on Saturday mornings from 0845 until 11-1130.

Be sure to check out the Planned Program of Events to see which events will be planned for each competition day.

We are affiliated with the ACT Little Athletics Association for Little A’s and ACT Athletics for seniors, so for those adults that want to get involved, the club can cater for you too.  Just reach out to one of our committee and we can give you all the information you need.

Age Groups

For season 2019-20, ACTLAA have adjusted the age group framework to align more closely with schools and eliminate confusion regarding registration.  The table below identifies which age group to register your child in based on the month and year of their birth.  Little athletics is open this year to any child born between January 2003 for under 17 and December 2013 for under 6’s.


Head to our Registration page for further information on how to get involved in Cooma Athletics.