Cooma Athletics Equipment Hire Request

Schools in the local Cooma area are able to apply to hire equipment belonging to Cooma Athletics Club for use at School Athletics Carnivals. Equipment is only to be used at Snowy Oval and may not be moved/transported off the Oval premises to any other location.

A $150 hire fee is payable for the hire of Cooma Athletics Equipment.

An invoice will be sent to the email address provided. Payment is to be received prior to the Carnival date.

**Schools should contact Snowy Monaro Regional Council directly to hire Snowy Oval. Oval hire is not included in Cooma Athletics Equipment hire and must be arranged separately with the council. **

Please add to the list of equipment if you wish to use the fridge/freezer, otherwise it may not be available on the day.

Our Equipment Officer will make contact with you and arrange a suitable time to sign the equipment to you. A check of the condition of equipment should be done by both parties at the time of initial loan of equipment and again when the equipment is returned. As you will understand, we have a need to ensure our equipment is accounted for correctly, handled safely and returned in good working order as it is used each Saturday during the Athletics season.

Cooma Athletics Club Equipment Hire Policy:

Any school hiring equipment provided by Cooma Athletics Centre agrees to:

  1. Ensure all items are stored safely and securely at all times.
  2. Thoroughly check each item at the start of the loan period, prior to use and before returning.
  3. Report any damage or safety issues to our Equipment Officer.
  4. Return items by date given above.
  5. Be prepared to pay for repair or replacement of any item lost or damaged.

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