Club Uniform and Footwear

Club Uniform

Athletes should wear the Cooma Athletics shirt or competition singlet/crop top with their competition patch, age-group patch and sponsor logo patch attached. These patches must be attached in the same positions as shown in the image below:

The Coles patch is sewn under the Cooma Logo.

The age patch is sewn on the opposite side to the logo.

The registration number bib is sewn on the stomach area .

Shorts are black or blue and should be suitable for physical activity.

Athletes are exposed to the sun for an extended period and the oval offers little shade options during competition. Therefore, please ensure your child(ren) have sunscreen applied, and have a hat and a water bottle with them.

Additional Uniform

There are also options to purchase additional uniform items including singlets, crop tops, shorts or jumpers.

You can purchase these items online during your registration process or please visit our order from here

Additional Uniform Order Form

Cut off dates for uniform orders is 29th October as there is a 6 week turn around time for these uniform pieces.


Athletes must wear appropriate footwear at competition. Lightweight, supportive sneakers work well for all events.

Waffles are an alternate footwear designed specifically for Track & Field. They are a thin, lightweight shoe with more grip than a regular sneaker and are very versatile across all events.

Spike Shoe Standards

  • Athletes in the U9 – U10 age group may not wear spike shoes.
  • Athletes in the U11 – U12 age group may wear spike shoes in events run entirely in lanes, long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin.
  • Athletes in the U13 – U15 age groups may wear spike shoes in all track events except walks. Spike shoes may also be worn for long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin.
  • All spike shoes must be worn with all holes filled with a complete set of spikes, with no more than two blanks/slugs installed.
  • Spike shoes cannot be worn outside the defined “Field of Play” unless all spikes are suitably covered.

Dimension of Spikes

Spike length (subject to any further constraint from ground policies):

  • Synthetic Track – 7mm maximum
  • Synthetic Long Jump / Triple Jump / High Jump / Javelin – 9mm maximum
  • Grass Track / Long Jump / Triple Jump /High Jump / Javelin – 12mm maximum
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