Become an Official and learn the rules

Would you like to learn the rules of each event and how to officiate? Courses are available online and can help you understand each event’s rules. Become a Level 1 Club Official today.


First you must enrol. This only needs to be done once. Candidates who have already completed the Introduction to Officiating (or any other Australian Sports Commission Course)  can use that login information to access the AAOES courses. Click here to enrol

You will be asked to submit your contact information and some details about yourself. You will be then sent an email to your nominated email account. Open that email and click on the link to start learning!

Level 1-What is It?

Candidates must complete online learning and pass a multiple-choice quiz. The learning and quiz will focus on ensuring the candidate has a basic understanding of the rules of the discipline they are attempting.

 AAOES Level 1 is made up of 12 separate courses:

·                Track

·                Starting

·                Long Jump

·                High Jump

·                Pole Vault

·                Triple Jump

·                Hammer Throw

·                Javelin

·                Discus

·                Shot Put

·                Walks

·                Out of Stadia

Within each course, there are four (4) modules, each with their own content and quiz attached:

·                Rules

·                Officials & Communication

·                Equipment

·                Risk Management

Candidates can attempt as many of the courses as they like. Once you have completed all four modules and the competency quiz, you have finished the course and will be able to download your Certificate of Completion. 

Each course should take around 45-90 minutes depending on your prior knowledge of the event and/or athletics. All questions in the quiz are multiple choice.

Follow this link to find out more information on the Level 0, Level 1 and Level 2 Officiating online Courses and to get started.

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