1. Holding the discus 

  • Place discus in your throwing hand
  • Spread fingers out with index (pointing) finger inline with wrist
    • One way to find the right spot on the top of the discus is to start with the index finger at the bottom of the discus and move it straight to the top. 
  • Place first knuckles over the disc, do not grip tight as this will effect the release
  • The thumb does not go around the edge like the other fingers, it supports against the side.
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2.  Feet

  • Always have your back foot slightly ahead of your front foot. (Standing and spinning throw)
  • This allows you to turn your body fully to the front when you throw.
  • If back leg is behind front leg at point of release then you can not turn your hips fully to the front to throw (try it).

3.  Spinning

  • Maintaining your balance throughout is vital
  • Keep your throwing arm up and parallel to the ground during the turn; dont let it drop low
  • Keep your non throwing arm close to your body and use it to help you turn fast
  • Spin on the balles off your feet

4. Release the discus 

  • Do not try to throw the discus with power, technique is better than power
  • When releasing the discus have your palm down
  • Use the speed of the arm to release the discus
  • The discus will come off the index finger
  • The discus will spin in a clockwise direction for a right handed thrower

You can also refer to the LAACT Website for some good fact sheets on how to throw a discus:

Click to access DISCUS_FACT_SHEET_1.pdf


The javelin should be held horizontally, in the palm of your hand.

Hold the javelin high, over your right shoulder (for a right-handed thrower), with your elbow up and pointed forward.

  • U11 should use standing throw

The javelin is aimed forward with the point tipped slightly down.

Begin running and accelerate smoothly toward the throwing line.

Run straight ahead. Maintain the javelin’s position.

  • U12 use less than 6 strides
  • U13 and up should use less than 10 strides

With your final two strides turn your body so your left hip (right handed thrower) is pointed forward.  The left leg crosses over the right and you pull javelin back.

Your throwing hand should be shoulder height and arm straight.

Plant your left leg and push off with your right.  Turn your hips as you move your weight forward,  bring your arm up and forward, keeping your elbow high.

Release the javelin while your throwing hand is as high as possible and is ahead of your front foot.

Follow through

Watch this video for a good example of how to throw the javelin. 


Holding the shot

  • The shot is held at the base of the fingers not the palm
  • The fingers are slightly spread apart with the thumb for support.
  • The hand will be bent back in the cocked position when holding the shot. It looks like you are caring a pizza.

2. Neck placement

  • Raise the shot above your head
  • Lower the shot straight down until it is under your jaw
  • Push the shot into your neck
  • Lift your elbow parallel to the floor. Don’t squeeze your elbow towards your back
  • Check to see that your thumb is pointing down towards your shoulder blade
  • The palm should be pointing towards the throwing direction

1. Delivery of the shot (standing put)

  • Eyes to the ceiling
  • Punch the shot away from the neck
  • Keep the elbow high at all times. Lowering the elbow can cause the shot to be thrown like a baseball and could result in an injury and a no throw
  • Finish the punch with a flip of the wrist
  • The left side of the body will be stopped and locked to help form the block
  • The left arm will be tucked close to the side of the body
1. Body position in the glideStand at the back of the ring facing away from the throwing directionPlace shot against your neckPut your body facing away from the sectorExtend your left arm out – relaxedExtend the left leg back towards the toe boardMost of the body weight should be on the right leg
2. Gliding into the power positionTap your left leg for balanceDraw up the left knee even with the right knee, remember to keep the left leg straightAllow your hips to start to fallViolently extend your left leg towards the toe board, do not lift up with your backPush and then pull your right leg underneath you

Watch this video for a good description of the glide

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