2022/23 Committee

At the AGM held on 2 April 2022, in accordance with the terms of the constitution, all Committee positions were made vacant and elections were taken for new members.  

The committee members are introduced below for the 2022/23 Season.  We are dedicated to making the club successful and continuing in providing a quality Athletics program to the Cooma and surrounding area community.  Please don’t hesitate to come and talk to any of the committee should you have any questions or feedback for us.

We still have some positions available. If you prefer to not officially take a position, but would like to help out, please let us know. We encourage all parents to be involved to help make the club great for the kids!

Committee Executive:

President: Matt Jamieson

Vice President: Quinton Stead

Secretary: Nicole Dietrich & Katrina Payne

Minutes Secretary: Jane Adams

Treasurer: Reinsford Penn

Registrar: Catherine Davis & Kate Reid

Records & Rankings: Tonya Evans

Committee Members:

Publicity / IT: (overseen by secretary)

Officer for Officials: Tracey Bilish


    • Quinton Stead (Lvl 2) (Head Coach)
    • Matt Jamieson (Lvl 1)
    • Kate Reid (Lvl 2)
    • Matt Payne
    • Matt Dietrich
    • Tonya Evans

Equipment Officer: Quinton Stead

Canteen Manager:  Shari Jamieson & Mel Caffarelli

Fundraising Coordinator: Catherine Davis, Tonya Evans, Mel Caffarelli

Public Officer: Matt Jamieson

Safety Officer: Craig Wilson

Track and Field Programmer: Tonya Evans & Peter Hill

Carnivals Coordinator: Catherine Davis

The committee generally meet monthly, a reminder will be put on our Facebook page advising of date and time.  All members are welcome to attend meetings.  Please complete this form to raise anything formally to the committee: 


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